Is there anything Ereck Flowers can block?

In the Giants’ embarrassing defeat to the Lions on Monday Night Football, the main takeaway was Ereck Flowers’ “blocking.” This causes us to ponder what Ereck Flowers is capable of stopping, if anything at all. Let’s take a look:

Can he block Ziggy Ansah?

Well, we already got our answer to this one.

Ereck Flowers has 50 fifty pounds on him and he gets steamrolled. FIFTY pounds. That’s a tremendous amount of weight to have on someone, and it only takes one outstretched arm from Ansah. Terrible.

Verdict: No

Can he block Myles Garrett?

This is Flowers’ third year in the league. This was Myles Garrett’s first ever in-game action. You would think an experienced lineman could block a newcomer. You’d be wrong.

It makes you think about just how much football experience it takes to beat this man. 10 years, 10 months, 10 days?

Verdict: No

Can he block Michael Strahan?

The ex-Giants great is now 45 years old. He’s been out of football for 10 years. Do you know what that means? He’s got fresh legs. He’s good for a few sacks and a forced fumble. The Hall of Famer would showcase his skills and embarrass Ereck Flowers more than he already is. Don’t be surprised if his former co-host Kelly Ripa gets something going too.

Verdict: No

Can he block Monica Geller?

She’s competitive and ferocious. If you’re thinking he has a shot just because she’s female, think again. Check out the form on this tackle:


That’s Pro-Bowl caliber stuff right there. Unfortunately for Ereck Flowers, he’s so far from Pro-Bowl contention he probably doesn’t even know it exists.

Verdict: No

Can he block Jake Berman?

Everyone’s seen Little Giants, right? If so, you remember the most intimidating man in the movie, the Berminator. Not only is he a force to be reckoned with physically, he also has the element of surprise in his favor because of his uniform. The only question is how many times he’ll sack Eli Manning. Also, Ereck, keep the moms out of it.


Verdict: No

Can he block Buddy?

Ereck Flowers can barely stand up straight, much less stop someone with such a low center of gravity. If 11 players can’t contain him, what makes you think one single person can?


The only hope for the Giants is that he gets fined for excessive celebration.

Verdict: No

It’s a hopeless cause. We may search for years before we find an answer. It’d be funny if it weren’t true. The only funny thing about the situation is that the 2017 Giants’ season relies on him blocking world-class athletes. The Giants will be fine, however, as there aren’t any good pass rushers on the remaining schedule.


Joey Bosa, Von Miller, Michael Bennett, Aaron Donald, Justin Houston, and Khalil Mack aren’t anything special, right? RIGHT?

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