How Odell Beckham Jr. healed so quickly

Anyone who watched the Giants last weekend against the Cowboys knows why New York needed Odell Beckham Jr. back sooner rather than later. After stating that his injury would set him back 6-8 weeks, OBJ miraculously returned to action in week two. This got us thinking, how did Odell get his ankle to heal so quickly?

Dancing to strengthen his ankle

The Odell Beckham we have all grown accustomed to is a dancing machine. From his pre-game moves to touchdown celebrations to dance-offs with teammates and celebrities it seems like OBJ is always ready to bust a move. He made “the whip” popular and his thriller moves would have made Michael Jackson proud.


The key to getting back to form after an ankle injury is to slowly be able to put more weight on it and what’s a better way to do that than to dance away the pain. Odell was reportedly found in the middle of a dance-off with OKC star Russell Westbrook the night before the Giants first game. Many were angered buy this news, but OBJ was doing what he needed to do to get back on the field and it payed off.  

Laying off the Head and Shoulders

Odell is not only a generational talent, but he also has probably the best hair in the NFL. Troy Polamalu’s fro gave him some solid competition, but now that he is retired it means Odell gets the honor of being a Head and Shoulders sponsor.

However, the shampoo made Odell’s hair so strong and perfect that it was actually taking away strength from other parts of his body. In order to get his ankle to heal, Odell had to lay off the shampoo for a little.

Watching LSU to get inspired

Players from top college programs that are fortunate enough to make an NFL roster remain huge supporters of their alma maters. Beckham, a standout wide receiver out of LSU, consistently voices his support for the Tigers. Beckham is good friends with LSU running back Derrius Guice and still connects with former teammates Jarvis Landry and Jeremy Hill.

On Saturday, Odell was probably watching his Tigers get smacked by SEC rival Mississippi State while he simultaneously posted Instagram stories of his outfits and dogs. Watching his college teammates get smacked inspired Odell to get back on that field as soon as possible ensuring the same would not happen on national television vs the Lions. The Giants did get destroyed, but at least Odell was on the field for it.

Not listening to fantasy owners

Odell Beckham was a top five pick in fantasy drafts this year leaving many owners upset when he did not play in week one, myself included. Even if Odell misses the first few games he will still provide owners with solid production every week when he is healthy. You can either have Odell fully healthy for 12 games or banged up for 15, the decision is an easy one. Odell has the perfect mentality as he can care less about your fantasy teams .This is real life and he is just trying to get healthy.

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