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The case for 16-0: NFC West

Ah, the preseason. A time for fans to get ridiculously hopeful about their favorite team’s chances for the upcoming season. It’s now time to explore the desperate minds of fans for the NFC West division, and why each team in the division can go 16-0, one of the most unrealistic goals there is.

Arizona Cardinals


If Kurt Warner can flip his average life as a grocery store employee into a baller with a couple of Super Bowl appearances, then the Arizona Cardinals – 7-8-1 last season – can flip their very average season from a year ago into a 16-0 season in 2017.

Cardinals quarterback and “dad who yells at youth referees” Carson Palmer looks to be in top shape, and legendary dreadlock-wearer and good guy Larry Fitzgerald may have his eyes on the prize in what could be one of his final seasons.

Los Angeles Rams


Is Jeff Fisher still with the Rams? No? They’re going 16-0.

San Francisco 49ers


If there was one thing the 1949 California Gold Rush was good for, it was being lucky. Perhaps one of the most historic football franchises can carry such luck into the 2017 NFL season with such a dismal roster.

While it may be difficult to trust Brian Hoyer as a starting quarterback, it was also probably pretty difficult to trust people from thousands of miles away saying there was gold in San Francisco all those years ago.

Seattle Seahawks


The Legion of Boom looked to be a Legion of Doom this past offseason, but it seems like all that has passed. The media has forgotten about how the front office wanted star cornerback Richard Sherman gone, how Marshawn Lynch just kind of dipped to go to the Raiders, and how Russell Wilson is actually a baseball player.

If head coach Pete Carroll can up his usual gum intake from five packs of gum per game to an outstanding 16 packs of gum per game, the Seahawks could easily roll to a 16-0 record.

And, there you have it. Four teams, four very realistic opportunities to finish the 2017 NFL season 16-0.

Make sure to check out the other divisional previews and see if those teams can go undefeated as well.

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