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The case for 16-0: NFC North

Going undefeated for an entire season is one of the hardest things to do in any sport at any level. With that being said, experts and fans of the NFL love predicting which teams could win every game since they have the least contests compared to other professional sports. It’s very unlikely that any team besides the Patriots ever comes close, but here’s the case for every NFC North team going 16-0.



The Chicago Bears are *my team* and I put that with asterisks because I have been slacking in years passed. That all changes this year as I am fully aboard the Mitch Trubisky hype train. It should be an interesting year for Chicago considering they traded up to get Trubisky after paying long-neck Mike Glennon a ton of money shortly before the draft. The roster screams rebuild in the windy city, but here’s why they can still finish 16-0.


The Bears have three QB’s that are the best example of average. Mitch Trubisky obviously still has time to prove himself with only a preseason of snaps under his belt, but right now he is probably not starting quarterback material. Mike Glennon may have a strong arm but he also throws the ball to the other team more than his own receivers. Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez and that’s all that needs to be said about him.

So how could the Bears possibly win every game without a star QB? Simple, use all three throughout the game. No one in the NFL has ever deployed a three quarterback system, but I think it could work in Chicago. John Fox will realize soon enough that three is always better than one. Instead of naming starters and dealing with competition, he will eventually just let all three play and ride the hot hand. Glennon’s arm plus Trubisky’s athleticism plus Sanchez’s veteran presence is a lethal combination.

Field Conditions

The NFL schedule gives you eight home games during the season. Although the Bears will still have to find a way to scrap out eight victories on the road, you can basically guarantee an 8-0 record for them at home since they play at sloppy Soldier Field. For those unaware, the grass at Soldier Field becomes tough to play on about three minutes into the season. Mix that with the cold, rain and snow later in the season and it’s basically like playing on a slip n’ slide.


The Bears should be more accustomed to this field terrain while opposing players will be slipping, fumbling and changing their cleats five times a game.

Chicago Envy

The Chicago Cubs ended a 108 year drought last year and look primed to make the playoffs again. The Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups since 2010. The Bears have done…nothing. Since their Super Bowl appearance in 2006 and NFC Championship game loss in 2010, Chicago’s football team has been slowly falling behind other professional sports teams in the city. Right now they are basically competing with the Bulls to see who can not ruin everything the fastest. Only way to change that? Go undefeated and win back the love of all your fans and gain some bandwagoners along the way.



The favorite in the NFC North year after year, it is not completely unrealistic for this team to go undefeated. Here’s how they can get it done.

Aaron Rodgers

If Rodgers is your quarterback, you automatically have a solid chance of finishing 16-0. The man is just so good at what he does. Precision passing, scrambling out of the pocket and even throwing Hail Mary’s. He also has a little attitude and swagger that you can’t help but appreciate. As long as he stays healthy, 16 wins doesn’t seem too hard to reach.


The Packers are a very fortunate team because they get to play in the NFC North. Yes, I am making an argument that any of these four teams can go undefeated but let’s be honest if six of your games come against the Bears, Lions and Vikings you are in pretty good shape. Out of conference they get the Seahawks who struggle on the road in Lambeau, a revenge game against the Falcons, the Cowboys who could be without Zeke and the Browns. There are some other games in there that could present a challenge, but their overall schedule is a favorable one.


We all know Green Bay is home to some of the finest dairy products the United States has to offer. We also know that our doctors told us nothing makes your bones stronger than eating and drinking dairy. With such good cheese and milk in Green Bay, the Packers will easily be the strongest team in the league. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to mess with that team.



Even after losing Teddy Bridgewater before the season began and having to trade for Sam Bradford, the Vikings were the team closest to going undefeated in 2016. That was until they completely collapsed and missed the playoffs. This is why their 2017 will end in victory rather than defeat:

Hosting the Super Bowl

How embarrassing would it be to have the Super Bowl in your own stadium and not get to be a part of it? Well I guess it wouldn’t be too bad considering it happens to a different team every year. But still, knowing the big game is in their home will be extra motivation for the Vikings to make it there. Furthermore, imagine how special it would be to close out a 19-0 season in your stadium. The Vikings have to go undefeated just so we can see all of Minnesota lose its mind for years to come.

A new Adrian Peterson?

AP and the Vikings went their separate ways this offseason, which I believe is good news for Minnesota. As terrific as Peterson was during his career with the Vikings, it was time to part ways. To replace him the team went out and drafted Dalvin Cook. Cook could help rejuvenate what was a dead running game and take pressure of Bradford and the passing game which could lead to more big play opportunities for receivers like Stefon Diggs. Minnesota may have found another franchise running back in this years draft, and it could go a long way in helping improve the offense. Pair that with a very strong defense and you have a team that is hard to beat.


If you have no idea what that word means then you have to go watch this video right now:

“SKOL” is the most electric chant I have ever seen. If I am an opposing player and I hear that at any point in the game, I’m just running off the field and forfeiting before a bunch of real Vikings come onto the field and start causing mayhem. With a chant like this, there is no way the Vikings lose a game.



From 0-16 to 16-0, the Lions have the swagger and the man to go undefeated.

New Uniforms

Nothing amps up a team like new uniforms. Since the Seahawks got their new look they’ve been virtually unstoppable and now it’s the Lions turn to reap the reward. The uniforms don’t look too different from their old design, but they add just enough swag to ensure that the Lions will win every game they play.


$150 Million Dollar Arm

Matthew Stafford just got paid big time. We can sit here all day and argue whether he deserves it or not but the fact of the matter is he has been a solid quarterback even when he does not have too many weapons to work with. Still, the only way for Stafford to prove he’s worth all that money is to come out and have an outstanding season. There isn’t a better way to prove you’re worth over $150 million then by going 16-0. That will quiet the haters pretty quickly.


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