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It’s time for Roberto Aguayo to channel his inner Harmon Tedesco

A kicker that can’t kick is usually one of the most useless things in sports. As is the case with former-Buccaneers and now former-Bears kicker Roberto Aguayo. He was a second-round pick and possibly one of the worst selections of all time in any sport. Whether it’s a catastrophic case of the yips or talent fading way too soon, Aguayo needs help. It’s clear he has talent, as evident by his 88.5 percent on field goals attempted at Florida State. He was dealing with the unfair pressure of being a second round pick and his teammates giving the opposite of encouragement. When he was trying to do his work, they mocked him when he missed and showed no faith in their teammate.

Aguayo needs a pick-me-up like none other. In the popular TV show Blue Mountain State, the Mountain Goats had a struggling kicker, Harmon Tedesco, much to the degree of poor Robert Aguayo. Harmon lost his kicking touch, so he and his teammates tried everything they could do to get him right. All the while they were listening to the boisterous criticism of Thad Castle, the arrogant and pompous middle linebacker that gives anybody a hard time for anything he doesn’t like.  In the end, Harmon only had to tie Thad to the field goal posts and kick footballs into his midsection, allowing Harmon to return to the reliable kicker he once was.

Aguayo could use something like this. Who knows if tying Jameis Winston to the crossbars could have ultimately saved his career in Tampa Bay, but it would have been worth a shot. Even if Aguayo just tried to channel some of Harmon’s personality, it could go a long way in helping him get back to his successful ways. The Blue Mountain State kicker’s carefree attitude is something all kickers should try to replicate. No one needs to relax more than someone who is forced into one of the most polarizing moments in all of sports.

Hopefully Aguayo will get another chance at kicking in the NFL in the future. As for his time in Chicago, it’s probably best for him that he won’t have to attempt kicking into very fast winds in the dead of winter.

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