An NFL team full of NBA players – Defense/Special Teams

Yesterday we gave you the offense of our hypothetical NFL team full of NBA players. If you missed it you can check it out here:

Without further ado, here’s the defense and special teams. These selected players are the best at giving opposing offense’s nightmares before their games including the ever so important kicking game for an NFL squad.

DE: Karl- Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns has great touch and finish around the rim.  He also knows how to dominate the paint for the Timberwolves and obviously the rebounding department with his 12.3 rebounds per game in 2016-2017.  Towns will be a great pass-rusher off the edge and his seven foot frame is perfect for swatting balls down.

DT: DeAndre Jordan

Anybody remember DeAndre Jordan’s stink face after he absolutely destroyed Brandon Knight’s life?  I do. Jordan will dunk on anyone in the NBA and he does not care one bit. That type of motor and philosophy fits perfectly in this defensive front seven.  


DT: Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside just sounds like a football player’s name. Whiteside has been tremendous in Miami after seemingly coming out of nowhere to be the team’s future at the center position.  Whiteside also has that big frame to get to the quarterback and terminate opposing teams’ running games.

DE: Anthony Davis

Imagine you are a QB and your blindside tackle has to defend “The Brow.”.  Nobody is stopping Anthony Davis and his 8 foot  wingspan. Davis will be able to knock down balls at the line with ease and he has the versatility to even line up at defensive tackle on some plays and stuff the run.

LOLB: DeMarcus Cousins

If you thought that the defensive line was scary, just wait until we name this linebacking core.  The weakside LB DeMarcus Cousins is one of the scariest players in the NBA. He has shoved people, kicked chairs, spit on people, and even had problems with his head coaches and media members. Cousins is a crazy man who reminds me of a Vontaze Burfict type linebacker. 


MLB: Blake Griffin

The middle linebacker is the quarterback of any defense and Blake Griffin will fit this role to perfection. Griffin is the silent assassin of this defense as his calm mentality will provide discipline for this ball-hawking core. Griffin’s task is to keep Boogie and Draymond in check for 60 minutes of football.  Griffin can blitz, cover, spy the quarterback, and any other dirty work needed for a successful defense.

ROLB: Draymond Green

Draymond Green is arguably the dirtiest player in the NBA with his kicking and trash talking antics. That is why he is going to be a star on this defense.  Draymond Green did release his college tape at Michigan State where he played tight end and was absolutely horrible, but on defense, Green will make a name for himself by tackling every single thing that moves.


CB: Jimmy Butler

It is important for cornerbacks to have a sense of urgency to them while they play and have a short memory.  This is an easy transition for Jimmy Butler as he has easily forgotten about the trainwreck in Chicago and is now the star of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Butler is able to matchup with any receiver in the NFL as he was a member of the All-NBA defensive teams three out of the last 4 years.

CB: Kyrie Irving

Kyrie left the Cavs (or is in the process of leaving) because he wants to be the face of a franchise.  Kyrie definitely would like to be the star cornerback on this team and he would be.  Kyrie would cover any opposing team’s number one and would love the spotlight of it. I would also be in favor of Irving dressing up as Uncle Drew for a game and playing against a real NFL team.

Slot CB: Chris Paul

If Chris Paul was bigger he would probably be the MLB.  If Chris Paul was taller he would probably be the QB.  Chris Paul is undoubtedly one of the captain’s of this team because of his tremendous work ethic and demeanor off the field.  Chris Paul has the speed and agility to cover the shifty slot receivers in the NFL.

FS: Paul George

Paul George has to be frustrated with how LeBron constantly makes it to the finals EVERY YEAR and George is forced to watch him on TV.  Now paired with Westbrook, George has a chance to take out that anger in the NFL, or he could take it out at free safety where he will be able to do whatever he wants at safety.

SS: Damian Lillard

With Paul George being an attacking safety, the team needed a player who would complement George while he blitzes every other play.  Lillard is another player who has a calming sense to him and will just do his job defensively.  The unsung hero of the defense may have a couple quiet games throughout the season but he will definitely have those games where he is all over the field.

K: Joel Embiid

Embiid loves soccer and is always tweeting about it. You would think that with watching and playing so much soccer that he may have picked up a thing or two, right?  Joel Embiid does not like to shy away from pressure either he embraces it and has ice in his veins which is necessary for a good kicker. The only thing that could hinder his ability is an injury, which happens more often than not. He’d also have some pretty good celebrations.


P: Luol Deng

First off, announcers would love a guy with the last name Deng to play punter.  “Deng he really got a hold of that one.” It just fits.  Deng was a big soccer player as well before basketball and should have the leg strength to win the punting job for the team.


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