An NFL Team full of NBA Players – Offense

NBA players shine on the basketball court with their tremendous abilities and skills. People often ask the questions: “Would (insert player here) be a great player in the NFL?” I decided to assemble a team of players that would fit into the greatest NFL team of all time. Below are the players that makeup the high-powered offense.

QB: John Wall

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is the perfect quarterback because of his tremendous ability to find the open man and distribute the ball. Wall has averaged 9.2 assists per game during his career and last season was only second to James Harden in that category.

RB: Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is arguably the greatest athlete in the NBA right now.  The reigning MVP has exceptional speed and grit to his game which is perfect for a workhorse running back.


Third Down RB: Isaiah Thomas

NFL teams usually like to put a pass-catching, smaller RB on the field that has tremendous speed and is a nightmare for linebackers to cover.  Isaiah Thomas has that small stature and speed to get open and be a true Darren Sproles-type playmaker for the team.

WR: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s seven foot wingspan surely should assist him in making some phenomenal sideline grabs for the team.  Durant’s combination of size and speed is no match for the much smaller cornerbacks in the NFL. Let’s just hope he doesn’t leave this team for a better one in the future.

WR: Kawhi Leonard

If you thought that Odell Beckham Jr.’s one handed grab was something special, just wait until you see “The Claw” get his hands on a couple passes.  Leonard is known around the NBA for his gigantic hands that make palming the basketball effortless.  That should make adjusting to wide receiver very easy for Leonard.


Slot WR: Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is another player with solid speed who could be a natural slot in this high powered offense.  Curry’s tremendous footwork and handles should translate to the NFL in making him a great target for Wall on third and manageable.

TE: LeBron James

LeBron James is the one player in the NBA who can guard anybody on the court and can lead both teams in all the statistical categories.  LeBron is known for being able to be counted on to do everything for his team’s when it mattered.  So the perfect position for the six foot eight inches 250-pound player is right at tight end where he can help with blocking and be a great vertical threat. Just make sure you don’t throw two balls to him at once, or this may happen:


LT: Steven Adams

Left tackle has one of the most vital responsibilities on their team: protecting your quarterback’s blindside.  Adams is one of the toughest players in the league who will do everything in his power to keep John Wall upright for 16 games.

LG: Zach Randolph

Nobody takes crap from Zach Randolph and I mean nobody.  Zach Randolph is one of the most powerful and physical power forwards in the game.  He is the perfect fit to be a big mauler at left guard to create running lanes for Westbrook and Thomas.

C: Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond finished tied for second with DeAndre Jordan for rebounds per game in 2016-2017.  This stat just shows how hard Drummond hustles and boxes out to be a glass cleaner on the court. Drummond’s work ethic will help him make the calls as center of the team.

RG: Nikola Jokic

Jokic is one of the more raw players on the team as he is still very young and needs to work a tad on his pass protection.  Nonetheless, Jokic will be very useful at pancaking defensive linemen in the running game with his 6 foot 11 inches, 249-pound body.

RT: Kristaps Porzingis

The Latvian center will provide great pass protection on the outside with his long arms and quick hands.  Porzingis also has a little bit of nasty in him as he got into a skirmish last NBA season with Marquese Chriss of the Phoenix Suns.

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see who would suit up on defense/special teams!


1 comment on “An NFL Team full of NBA Players – Offense

  1. Speaking of a “little bit of nasty,” could LeBron and Steph function on the same team?!


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