Philadelphia guides Buffalo into “The Process”

The Buffalo Bills begin their tanking, or a nicer way to call it "process."

Have the Buffalo Bills signed Sam Hinkie as their new General Manager? All signs have pointed towards the Bills pulling the plug on their current season, and going into full rebuilding mode. They will look to copy the city of Philadelphia’s slogan “trust the process,” while using a Philadelphia sports team to do just that. While the Bills are in a completely different sport than the Sixers, it is still unbelievably ironic and hilarious.

Buffalo Bills “Trusting Their Process”

The situation in Buffalo, however is different than the situation the 76ers are looking to complete. The Sixers started their process by acquiring multiple first round draft picks, even the number one overall pick two years in a row. The Bills only received second and third round draft picks in this deal, while trading away two of their best players. They still have running back LeSean McCoy and also quarterback in Tyrod Taylor who will now have no weapons at receiver. If the Bills are actually looking to tank, who are they targeting? It was clear the 76ers wanted Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, but the NFL draft is much different, there is no clear cut favorite. Sorry Bills fans, looks like you’re processing…..

The Bills might have just acquired the injury curse from Philadelphia as well. Just two days after Jordan Matthews came to Buffalo he fractured his sternum. Sources say he did it while jumping up for a contested ball and landing poorly. Philly fans know all too well about the injury part of the process, as Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, and Ben Simmons all sat out their rookie seasons with injuries. I guess Buffalo thought the best way to start their rebuild was to make a deal with a city that has experience rebuilding. That backfired in the most Process Sixers way possible.

Enough with the Tanking, Let’s Talk Winning

Ronald Darby will join a young crew in Philadelphia, as the Eagles drafted two cornerbacks in the first three rounds last April. Sydney Jones from University of Washington was arguably the top defensive back prospect until he suffered a torn Achilles on his pro day. Jones’ upside is still very high, but there is lots of concern that his speed may suffer. The Eagles also drafted Rasul Douglas from West Virginia University. Douglas is a much bigger corner, at 6’2, 205 pounds, and the Birds will look for him to be able to match up with opposing team’s taller receivers.

The loss of Jordan Matthews can be deceiving. At first glance, the Eagles lost Carson Wentz’s favorite target from his rookie season.

On second glance however, the long term effects of the trade look bright for Philadelphia. Sending Matthews to Buffalo was a great move for the Eagles, as they were probably not going to be able to resign him after his contract expires after this season. Besides, they already added notable receivers Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith to the roster.

In such a pivotal year for Wentz, it still may seem like a risk to take away one of his most trusted receivers. Wentz spoke of what the trade meant to him at practice.

“On the personal side it’s tough,” Wentz said. “This is my first time experiencing this with someone that’s one of my best friends.”

Yet, rookie Mack Hollins has potential to be as good, if not better than Matthews in the slot. He had some promising moments in his first preseason game, including a 38-yard touchdown pass from Wentz.

To break this trade down into the simplest sentence as possible, a second or third option receiver was traded for a top corner. Philadelphia became much more well-rounded, and even without Matthews, they should still have plenty of weapons at wide out.

Thankfully for the Eagles and Rams, the Bills seemed happy just handing out their star players. Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby are now out of Buffalo, as the Bills will look to make a run at the Jets and Browns for the first-round draft pick in 2018. Just kidding the Browns have already clinched that spot.

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