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What the Sports is wrong with tennis

Soccer is not the only sport that is far more popular internationally than it is in the states. Tennis is a gentlemen’s game that fails to reach Americans.

Here is the fourth installment in the “What the Sports” series that is determined to explain the faults in different sports.

When is it on?

Let’s be honest, nobody actually knows where and when the major tennis tournaments are being played. The only reason people are aware of the tournaments is because it interferes with ESPN’s programming, so you can’t watch SportsCenter for two weeks.

I know there is always a tournament around the fourth of July, but that is only because the television is showing Wimbledon while I am trying to get the latest update on NBA free agency rumors.

giphy (5)

Lack of American stars

Another reason it is hard to get invested in tennis is because there are no American stars besides the William’s sisters. Dynasties are fun, but do I really need to see Serena beat Maria Sharapova for the hundredth time? Even if watching Serena is reason enough to watch tennis, it is so difficult to know when she is playing. Her matches are at obscure hours and difficult to find online.

The American men are completely irrelevant. I think John Isner is the best player but he is ranked 19 in the world. The only reason I know his name is because of that really long tennis match he played a couple years ago. (Correction: John Sock is actually the highest ranked American at 17. Let’s be honest, who knew that?)

My point is that there is very little interest in American men playing tennis. The lack of interest is because there is no Andy Roddick for this generation to follow and seriously compete for majors. This is a huge problem for tennis and I do not see this issue being solved anytime soon. If kids are not watching, then they are even less likely to pick up a racket. It looks like the next wave American men will only get worse, leading to more decreased interest.

Way too prestigious

I am fan of individuals dedicating their lives to their craft, but it feels way to snobby when you hear all of the pros went to specialty schools when they were younger. It really makes it difficult to relate to the players when they grew up in such different worlds than us. Sure football and basketball players got all the perks in school growing up, but those kids also sat next to us in class first period at 8 a.m.  

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