What the Sports is wrong with football?

It owns a day of the week. It is the most watched sport in America. It is America’s Game.

Football, specifically the National Football League, is not perfect. Come and discover “What the Sports” is wrong with football in this third edition of the series.


While it’s hard to turn down more money to make the league more profitable, the argument could be made that it has become detrimental to the game. The insufferable amount of stop and go action from the actual game itself has swayed away significant casual fans who do not feel like paying for the alternative NFL RedZone.

The big money pouring into the league has given the shortsighted executives some problems, but America’s favorite game is still able to overcome the choppy action. However, one game takes over four hours to complete with most of the action coming in the fourth quarter. If it weren’t for fantasy football, even more viewers may decide to spend their Sunday doing something else.

However, even with some beer and snacks, the game that owns a day of the week needs a way to have more flow instead of only being able to watch two minutes of actual sport without a break. While the advertising corporations have prospered, the overall product of the game has somewhat diminished.

No Fun League

No twerking. No dunking on field goal posts. No celebrations. No fun. What used to make the NFL so special was the characters on display every Sunday. Now, with rules on celebrations and more, players are expected to act like robots. Allowing the players to be themselves on the field would only draw more attention and fans to the already popular sport. The league has a ton of characters in Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown and Josh Norman to name a few. It’s time to let them perform and be themselves.



It’s not a contact sport, it’s a collision sport. Guaranteed contact is exciting and fun to watch, but dangerous to play. With more and more daunting revelations about the unfortunate effects football can have on the head and brain after years of collisions, less and less youth programs are thriving.

Maybe if all players could take a headbutt like Tom Brady, who at age 40 seems to get better with every post-touchdown headbutt, the league would be better off.

Not only is the growing concerns of the long term effects of playing football hurt in the youth ranks, but also in terms of media coverage. The negative portrayal of CTE is a real public relations issue that perhaps only the guys from Pardon My Take could solve.  

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