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What is LeBron’s next move?

The best player in the world isn’t being treated like it. His partner-in-crime, Kyrie Irving, wants to leave the Cavs because he’s tired of playing in LeBron’s shadow. That same partner-in-crime, or should we say former partner-in-crime, was seen laughing and egging on one of LeBron’s rivals, Steph Curry, who was imitating LeBron’s workout videos.

Kevin Durant has been saying he is better than LeBron, and even the ‘ghost in Chicago’ that Lebron is chasing took a slight shot at him. These are just some recent jabs at The King, not to mention plenty of others in the past. So, LeBron could just sit back, relax and ignore the haters, or, he could choose several other options that would benefit him and be fun for the fans to talk about.

Option One: Retire and coach his first son full-time

So before I say anything, just watch this video. It becomes clear about thirty seconds into the highlight reel that LeBron’s first born is a demigod. This SIXTH GRADER could probably embarrass college basketball players. Imagine if LeBron Sr., one of the greatest players ever,  become the full-time coach of LeBron Jr., an incredibly promising kid with genes better than Zeus. In this hypothetical, LeBron can start his much-anticipated Hollywood career. In about six or seven years, LeBron Jr. will go pro. That will give Sr. plenty of time to groom Jr. into a machine, with a thirst for vengeance on those that talked trash about his dad. By this time, Kyrie will be nearing the tail end of his prime, and Kevin Durant and Steph Curry will be nearing the ends of their careers, as shells of their former selves. LeBron Jr. will come in the league with fresh legs, set to obliterate them. Sr. will be a movie star.

Option Two: Take off the regular season

Resting a few games a year is one thing, but what I have in mind for the King is completely different. LeBron has played 14 NBA seasons, including going to seven straight NBA Finals. While he may seem indestructible, he has limits. He will have to carry even more of a burden next year presuming Kyrie leaves. LeBron should take off the regular season almost completely in order to be fresh for another postseason run. He could come back with about 15 regular season games remaining to regain his basketball legs. The Cavs are good enough without LeBron to sneak into the Eastern Conference Playoffs as a six seed. James would of course get a ton of flack for resting, but hey, all the man wants at this point are championship rings, and this may be his best course of action.

Option Three: Request trade to Rockets

Carmelo asked to be traded to Houston, why shouldn’t LeBron? James may think he doesn’t have a chance of winning in Cleveland and begin to look elsewhere. He could waive his no-trade clause to team up with James Harden, and one of his good friends, Chris Paul. James could do this just to defeat Golden State. His disdain for the Warriors may lead him to throw his morals out the window, and make the NBA season even worse. LeBron just wants to take down Golden State, and playing with those stars in Clutch City would give him a great chance to do that. Oh, you don’t like LBJ teaming up with two other superstars? Here is the King playing a tiny violin for you.

giphy (4)
Option Four: Fight fire with fire

Plenty of people have taken shots at LeBron James recently. It is time for him to respond. James can be just as petty as the others were to him. LeBron recording a video with one of Steph’s teammate mocking how weak he is? Yeah, that is a good start. He will make fun of Phil Jackson for being a terrible GM after Jackson talked about James’s ‘posse.’ LeBron could get his revenge on many people, but one person he should choose to go after is Kevin Durant. The King could go off on Instagram about how much better he is than anyone, especially Durant. LeBron being more petty than he has been is a scary thought, but it might be what needs to happen.

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