Lacazette, Lukaku, or Morata: Who’s Better…On Fifa?

Ever thought that video games could prove who is better in reality? Well, you’re in luck!

So far in this year’s summer football transfer window, there have been signings galore. None, however, have been more important than three world-class strikers bought by three different Premier League clubs: Alexandre Lacazette by Arsenal, Romelu Lukaku by Manchester United, and Alvaro Morata by Chelsea.

Lacazette was signed for between $60 million and $67.6 million from Olympique Lyon in France. Lukaku was signed for $97.5 million from Everton in England, and Morata was signed for $91 million from Real Madrid in Spain.

Rather than looking at their actual statistics and trying to rank them ineffectively, it is time to use their FIFA 17 Ultimate Team cards against each other to see who really is the best transfer signing of the three.

Firstly, there are six key ratings on the front of each Ultimate Team card: pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense, and physical. Lacazette is better than Lukaku and Morata in three of the six ratings: passing, dribbling, and pace, 75, 84, and 86 respectively. Lacazette and Lukaku are tied in shooting with 82, and defense with 34, and Lukaku is the most physical with 84 physical.

Most importantly, their respective overall ratings tell the story. Lacazette has an 85 overall rating, Lukaku as an 84 overall rating, and Morata has an 82 overall rating. Lacazette also wins in total rating, the total of the six key ratings, with 437. Lukaku and Morata are close behind with 422 and 406 respectively.

Unfortunately, since Morata had not played enough competitive football compared to the other two at the time, he falls short in every key rating. Lukaku also falls short, simply because he had not scored as high of a goal output as Lacazette had over the past several season, including this past season (28 to 25).

In addition, when looking at their price ranges on the Ultimate Team transfer markets for Xbox and Playstation, Lacazette leads them both, selling for 18,500 coins on Playstation and 13,500 coins on Xbox. Lukaku sells for 7,300 coins on Playstation and 7,000 on Xbox, and Morata sells for 2,300 coins on Playstation and 3,000 coins on Xbox. That shows that Lacazette was more desirable to buy on the transfer market.

To top it off, Lacazette has four star skills and a four star weak foot, compared to Lukaku and Morata, who both have three star skills and a four star weak foot. Lacazette also has high offensive and defensive work rates. Lukaku has medium work rates in both places, and Morata has high/medium work rates.

In the end, Lacazette is the best player. In FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team game mode, he had the best overall rating, the highest ratings in of the six key categories, and he’s worth the most.

The one thing about FIFA ratings is that they change year to year, so in FIFA 18, this comparison could be completely different, but as of now, Arsenal has won the FIFA transfer debate.

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