New WTS Podcast 7/18


Ryan and Kevin open up with some segments including a LeBron Frustration Level Update, choosing who they want on their hypothetical banana boat, a conspiracy theory for Roger Federer winning Wimbledon, Dumbest Sports Tweets and Celebrity-Athlete look-a-likes (0:00-10:38). New WTS writer Josh Coggins joins the show to discuss Aaron Judge, the Orioles, Joe Flacco being elite and he gives he way way too early Super Bowl prediction (10:40-26:00). Rapid fire questions and Ryan’s new favorite segment “Why I hate Joel Embiid” are also included. (26:05-30:06).

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the sound bites used, no copyright infringement was intended in the making of the podcast.


1 comment on “New WTS Podcast 7/18

  1. Lauri gross

    Here’s one for your celebrity-athlete lookalike: Ariana Grande and Manny Machado. Now i will go watch Lebron’s dance videos.


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