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Five intriguing cross-sport trades

The trade deadline is one of the most nerve-racking times of the year for a lot of fans. The most talented center in basketball, Demarcus Cousins, was sent halfway across the country from northern California to the Bayou, showing two franchises going in different directions. The Kings had one player as the face of their franchise for seven years. Cousins was the only star they had, but the trade deadline meant he had to go packing. The Kings finally moved on, turned a new leaf, and are still trying to build around youth. New Orleans now had the best front court in the NBA, and fans started to show some serious interest. The trade deadline allowed one franchise to start over, and one to finally go all in. 

Something so great, with such great history around it, is not something people often look to improve. Things can always be better, though. There is always the option of drawing up hypothetical blockbusters – LeBron going to the Bucks for Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker. This is fun and all, but the trade deadline can go to the next level by allowing any team to trade with each other. The Los Angeles Dodgers want to move someone across downtown to the Lakers? Why not? Here are five trades that would make sense talent-wise, and projections of how the players involved would perform in their new city and sport.

Trade One:

Cleveland Cavaliers receive: Rob Gronkowski, Brandin Cooks, Vince Wilfork and Braxton Miller

New England Patriots receive: LeBron James, James Jones

Houston Texans receive: Patriots second-round pick, J.R. Smith

bron footballEveryone is always longing to see what LeBron would have looked like playing football, and that wish can finally come true. In this behemoth of a trade, LeBron James, one of the brightest basketball minds of all time, would team up with one of the brightest football minds of all time – Bill Belichick. Tom Brady throwing to LeBron with Belichick calling plays would be quite the sight.

The Cavs in return would receive Rob Gronkowski, who could be a beast in the post, and Brandin Cooks, who could beat everyone on fast breaks. The Cavs also would end up with an enforcer in Vince Wilfork to clog up the middle, similar to his role in football, and Braxton Miller, who actually played some ball in high school.

The Texans just give up Wilfork (who may retire) and an unproven Miller, and get back a Pats pick, and a home-run threat in J.R. Swish, who would be great at catching contested passes fading out of bounds.

Trade Two:

Sacramento Kings receive: Tim Tebow, Jay Bruce, Jose Reyes

New York Mets receive: Justin Jackson, Skal Labissiere

How obscure is this one? Tebow has just been a publicity stunt for some of his time in the NFL, and all of his time in the CFL and in baseball. It’s possible that no team in basketball, football or baseball needs some of that excitement as much as the Kings. Tebow would bring just that. Start him at shooting guard every night and not only would revenue come in, but they would have a spectacular pick in the next draft. They would also get Jay Bruce and Jose Reyes who aren’t doing much for the Mets. Bruce could be a backup guard who can throw great outlet passes, and Reyes could lockdown opposing guards with his quickness.

The Mets would get two players who are uber-athletic, and could actually contribute in baseball. Jackson would be a great outfielder to replace Curtis Granderson. Labissiere could take over at first, and be a heck of glovesman at first with his 6-foot-11-inch frame.

Trade Three:

Colorado Rockies receive: Dalvin Cook, Harrison Smith

Minnesota Vikings receive: Carlos Gonzalez

The Vikings have a loaded roster and are missing just one semi-important position: quarterback. If there is any player in the MLB that may be made to be a quarterback, it is Carlos Gonzalez. He has five attributes that would translate well to being a QB: cannon arm, over six feet, cool under pressure, showman and very athletic. The best player for the Rockies for the last decade won’t come without a price. Dalvin Cook is a player with great acceleration that can catch very well. He, along with Harrison Smith, who snags everything in sight, could form a dynamic duo in the outfield in Colorado.

Trade Four:

Denver Broncos receive: Jae Crowder, Brice Johnson, Jesus Aguilar

Los Angeles Clippers receive: Demaryius Thomas

Milwaukee Brewers receive: Isaiah Thomas, Chad Kelly

Boston Celtics receive: Broncos first rounder, Clippers first-rounder (conditional), Brewers first-rounder

Can you see Danny Ainge salivating at the mouth? Three first round picks in three different sports! Yeah, he will do that no matter what he has to give up, even if it’s their top scorer in Isaiah Thomas, and a do-it-all player in Jae Crowder.

The Brewers only have to give up a first-round pick, and Jesus Aguilar, who has had half a good season in his whole career. They get Isaiah Thomas, who is hard-working enough to find his knack at anything. He is quick and coordinated, attributes that translate well to the outfield at Miller Park. Chad Kelly does not have a bright future in football, but is very athletic with a fantastic arm, which sounds like a right fielder.

The Broncos would end up with a player that has almost been traded as many times as Danny Ainge has almost signed a player. Crowder should be happy to get demaryiusout  of Beantown and would be an awesome tight end. They also could get an super lanky Brice Johnson, who is another player that could be an impressive wide receiver. Those two passing targets along with Jesus Aguilar coming off the edge to rush the passer would make the Broncos one scary team. From the Clippers perspective, they lose a first round pick and a player who rarely sees the floor, for a potentially dominant stretch four in Demaryius Thomas.

Trade Five:

New York Yankees receive: Geno Smith, Paul Perkins

New York Giants receive: Michael Pineda

Pineda needs Tommy John surgery, so he can’t play baseball for a while. And while he may not be able to block NFL defensive ends adequately with the arm issues, he would be very solid once healthy. Once he fully recovers, Pineda would really help out Eli by blocking and catching at the tight end position.

The Giants only have to give up Geno Smith, who could turn into a dandy middle reliever for the Yanks, and Paul Perkins. Perkins has a fumble problem but could be a solid backup to Starlin Castro at second base.







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