Improving the MLB All-Star Festivities

Dull. Meaningless. Unwatchable. Yeah, MLB All-star week has been criticized a lot in the past. It pales in comparison to the excitement around NBA All-star weekend (the Pro Bowl is a lost cause). The Home Run Derby and All-Star game may be fun for diehards, but the average fan has not been watching it. We asked you on twitter (@realwtsports) what other events you would want to see in MLB All-Star week to make it more entertaining. Some great responses got us thinking about who would be in these events. Here are some of your suggestions, what we think of them and who we think should be in them.

Bunting competition

Korea actually has a competition like this, and it was… something. You can watch it here. This would be fun to watch for diehards, but baseball is trying to get more exciting and move away from small ball. The only thing that may keep this is interesting is star power. Stars often don’t participate in competitions because of a fear of injury or that it will hinder their long-term performance. It seems pretty evident that nobody will have a worse year because of bunting. Superstars could headline this contest. Here are the six I would love to see in this competition: Bartolo Colon, Jose Altuve, Mike Trout (because what can’t he do), Jon Lester, Yoenis Cespedes and Billy Hamilton.

Miguel Montero Pop Time

This one makes the list just because it would be hilarious. Shout out to our writer Bryan who came up with this laugh out loud funny idea. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Miguel Montero take five seconds behind the plate getting ready to fire a ball that ends up nowhere near second base. Forget high schoolers, I am interested in seeing if some little leaguers could take down Montero. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if it were to happen. – Ryan Homler

3-3 Basketball Tournament

Yes, this was my suggestion, but it is a good one (at least to me). I am very into having baseball players perform other activities. Imagine seeing three players from your favorite team taking on your rival team in a 3-3 basketball tournament. That sounds awesome to me. I am not going to project what every team’s basketball squad would look like, but I will project four of the best teams.

Dodgers – Seager, Bellinger, Puig

Astros – Correa, Springer, Altuve

Yankees – Judge, Betances, Pineda

Twins – Sano, Vargas, Buxton (Bartolo as an alternate)

Run from home to first

I am not as high on this as other people. It is just over so quick and you only can really have one round because you will for the most part know after that who is the fastest. Also, the same person, if they are the fastest, would probably win most years. I would like to see it, but do not know how sustainable a competition it is. Here is my board though if four speedsters were to battle.

Billy Hamilton, Trea Turner, Bartolo Colon (As you can see I pretty much want Bartolo in every event) and Byron Buxton.

Longest Throw

This would be another quick competition, but paired with a few other quick ones like the running battle, it could get interesting. If each person got three throws, with eight competitors, it could get somewhat intriguing. It is fun to see some guys throw 100+ mph from the outfield at times, and makes the mind wonder who can throw the farthest. Assuming pitchers would not compete because of their strict throwing regiment, here is my lineup.

Aaron Hicks, Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig, Carlos Gonzalez, Manny Machado, Andrelton Simmons, Khris Davis (as a joke, he has the worst arm ever), Aaron Judge.

1 comment on “Improving the MLB All-Star Festivities

  1. WarningTrack

    I want to see ALL of those ideas implemented! And maybe a concessionaire competition: who can throw a hot dog with the most accuracy to the right seat, make change the fastsest, carry the most beer, and has the best concession call , like “coooold beeyah heeyah!”


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