Weighing the pros and cons of a Carmelo buyout

The Knicks finally abandoned the triangle and are now shifting to a modern NBA offense based on an up-tempo scheme ran by Jeff Hornacek who won 48 games with the Suns. THE SUNS. The Knicks also have one of the three most valuable young assets in the league in Kristaps Porzingis behind only the Greek Freak and Karl Anthony Towns. Unfortunately, the Knicks were run by a 11-time NBA champion who could have been trying to run the franchise to the ground. Carmelo Anthony now wants out of New York and wants to ring chase in the land. So, should the Knicks let him walk… let’s find out.


  • Let The Unicorn Loose. Run a pace and space offense to maximize the most valuable asset this franchise has ever had besides the team’s arena. Porzingis is a one-of-a-kind player and every single decision the Knicks make should be focused on maximizing the unicorn’s potential. The Knicks are going to stink anyways this year, so do not waste possessions on mid-post touches for Melo. Every single play should run through Porzingis this year and the Knicks will find themselves back in the lottery where they pick up another young asset.
  • Save some money. Melo will not get all of the $55 million left on his deal if he gets bought out and goes to Cleveland. If the Knicks can save, say $15 million, it is worth it and that money can be contributed to buying future second rounders or cutting the albatross known as Joakim Noah.
  • For the culture. I’m not trying to rip Melo, but at this point in his career we all know who he is, a shoot-first player that does not play that much defense. Every second Melo is still a Knick people will (wrongly) argue that he is the face of the franchise. Question is, do you want Melo as the face of your franchise? NO!
  • Let Melo win a ring in the land. This can also fit into the category for culture. This gesture lets players and agents know that the team thinks of the player’s best interests and will not hold onto players that want out. After the damage Phil brought to the Mecca of basketball, this would help repair the Knicks brand as a possible destination.
  • Has to now work for Dan Gilbert. Think James Dolan is a bad owner, Gilbert is on the verge of forcing a top-2 player of all time walk out the door due to dysfunction. Fired his GM days before the draft, let Melo work for that clown.



  • Screw Melo. $55 million is a lot of money to pay your leading scorer to walk out the door. Even if the Knicks are worth over $3 billion, you don’t just let assets walk out the door. If Melo is deadest on Cleveland, try to absorb Shump and some expiring contracts to make a trade work.
  • Can’t let this start a trend. If New York lets Melo walk, the Knicks need to build the team properly. If dysfunction continues, then the Unicorn may think he can force his way out.
  • Banana Boat reunion in the big apple is dead.  LeBron, Wade and Chris Paul are all free agents next year, while this is unlikely cutting ties with Melo would end the dream of LeBron ever playing his home games at Madison Square Garden.


Verdict: Buy Carmelo Anthony out

LeBron is not coming to New York and at this age I would not want Wade. Knicks need to about the future that requires a long and painful process to make the Knicks a respectable franchise again. Everything is about Porzingis going forward and New York does not need someone stealing his touches or forcing him to share the spotlight. Rebuild Knicks, blow it up and build a young and sustainable core.

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