Warriors’ success might be due to… a toaster?

It all started on March 13.  

Presented with a Warriors-branded toaster at an autographing session, a confused Klay Thompson signed the kitchen appliance. Since then, the Warriors have gone 29-1, a crowning achievement at the end of a 67-15 season.  

That sole loss? Thompson didn’t play.  

After infamously blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals against the Cavaliers in 2016, the Warriors are two games, and two wins, into a rematch of the series. Golden State’s success this time around may very well depend on the aforementioned toaster.  

When fan Ronnie Reyes brought a toaster to an event in San Francisco back in March, the incident became a brief meme and mostly died away. But in the far reaches of the internet, the toaster legend lived on.  

On April 1, only 10 wins into the Warriors streak, Reddit user avi550m shared a GIF of Thompson as a Star Wars character with the caption “I am one with the toast. The toast is one with me.”  

I am one with the Toaster, the Toaster is with me.

Reyes’ toaster is a shrine of sorts to the Warriors. He told ABC 7 that he hopes to have as many Warriors, past and present, sign the toaster. When Thompson signed it, it already had David Lee and Draymond Green’s signatures. Now, in addition to Thompson, it has announcer Jim Barnett’s signature.  

“This toaster right here, this toaster is responsible for the last 28 games,” Reyes told ABC 7.

Following the Warriors’ first Finals win against the Cavaliers last Thursday, Thompson referenced the talisman-like powers of the toaster by promising to buy the team a toaster if they sweep the postseason (and the Cavaliers). Only two NBA teams have ever managed just one loss in the playoffs (1982-83 76ers and 2000-01 Lakers), and none has ever swept postseason play.  

With Game 3 Wednesday, Golden State has just five games left to go to make history. Maybe they will get a toaster of their own, after all.  

Katrina Schmidt is a freshman multiplatform journalism major from Baltimore, Maryland. Besides her role as managing editor of the Beltway Bulletin, Katrina covers softball for The Left Bench. She is also involved with Students Helping Honduras and in the College Park Scholars Justice and Legal Thought Program. Katrina is a lifelong political news junkie, and unlike the average person, finds local politics particularly riveting. Her interest in social justice influences this passion, and she believes that one of the best pathways to change is at the local level.

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