Ring chasers with the most at stake in a potential NBA Finals matchup

As Cleveland and Golden State prepare for their inevitable NBA finals matchup, both teams find themselves with countless “wait, are they really still in the league?” guys in search of their first career championship. Kevin Durant is a different type of ring chaser, so we won’t include him in this list. Here are your official rankings of the ring chasers with the most at stake heading into Cavs v. Warriors, Part three.

5. Kyle Korver

The one-time all-star has made a living out of hitting the three ball. Given that he already has the impressive accolades of being one of the NBA’s most handsome players and the most distinguished former Creighton Bluejay (all due respect to Doug McBuckets), a ring isn’t a necessity for Korver at this point.

4. Zaza Pachulia

An argument can be made that Big Za’s takeout of Kawhi Leonard made him the MVP for the Warriors in the conference finals. Yet, after Gregg Popovich’s infamous tirade in which he compared Zaza’s foul to manslaughter (a little too aggressive there Pop), Pachulia has officially been cemented, fair or not, as one of the dirtiest players in the league today. A championship ring will do very little to erase that reputation.

3. JaVale McGee

By far the youngest player on this list, McGee has spent more minutes on Shaqtin’ a Fool and Not Top Ten than he probably has on the court this season. After a public feud with Shaq earlier this year, McGee has settled in as a quality role player for this Dubs squad. A ring may help McGee further distance himself from his reputation as the league’s clumsiest player.   

2. Deron Williams

It’s hard to believe that we are not far removed from a time when Williams was one of the top point guards in the game. In the late 2000s, preferring D-Will over CP3 wasn’t viewed as an insane opinion. Now, after an underwhelming tenure in Brooklyn, the three-time all-star has a chance to make an impact on a championship run in the twilight of his career.

1. David West

The quintessential ring chaser. A first-ballot inductee to the Ring Chaser Hall of Fame. After joining the Spurs last year on the league minimum, West quickly jumped ship to join the Warriors. If West fails to capitalize on his second blatant ring chasing attempt, it may not look too good on his resume.


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