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Ranking the nicknames of All-NBA team players

The NBA's nicknames have always been very interesting for the very top players. Here, What the Sports takes a look at the very best of those nicknames.

From “The Brow” to “The Beard,” the NBA’s best have some interesting nicknames.

What the Sports ranks the top nicknames for the players selected to the All-NBA First and Second teams this year. The criteria is simple: the name must match the player’s play and the creativity factor of the name is a must.

Second Team

5. Durantula (Kevin Durant): In one of the softest free agency moves in sports history, Kevin Durant may be hated just as much as actual tarantulas. His decision to head to Golden State made the NBA lose any parity it had left. His nickname is pretty cool though, exemplifying his outstanding length as his limbs resemble those of the long-legged spider itself. However, he lands last on the list due to the overall blandness of the name. “Easy Money Sniper” also gets an honorable mention.

4. Mr. Fourth Quarter (Isaiah Thomas): Thomas has had some clutch fourth quarter scoring all year long to carry his team to the first seed and  a spot in the conference finals. Although the fourth quarter is clearly Thomas’ time to shine, his nickname lacks the creativity and uniqueness to separate him from the pack.

3. Greek Freak (Giannis Antetokounmpo): A fitting name for a freakishly long player hailing from Greece, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best young talent in the league, and has an awesome nickname to match.

2. Chef Curry (Steph Curry): Steph Curry is always cookin’ up something big with fancy dribbles and disrespectful three pointer no-look shots. It helps that his wife, Ayesha, is also a chef. Even with all the cooking Curry does, his nickname was not quite good enough to take the top spot for the All-NBA Second Team.

1. Stifle Tower (Rudy Gobert): Gobert may as well as be as tall as the Eiffel Tower itself. The French seven footer stifles opposing players at the rim on both ends of the court, and his second team selection was well warranted with his play this season.

First Team

5. The Brow (Anthony Davis): Perhaps the most distinguishing facial feature in the league, Anthony Davis’ eyebrow has given him a claim to fame like no other. However, there is not much more that goes into the nickname itself so for that reason, “The Brow” comes in at the fifth spot for the All-NBA first team.

4. The Beard (James Harden): “The Beard” falls into the same category as “The Brow,” but Harden gets the advantage because his ability to keep that thing well-groomed is an impressive feat. 

3. The King (LeBron James): James may very well be the best player on the planet, but his nickname is not as good. Its uniqueness is poor, but its appropriateness is high as all signs point to LeBron heading to his eighth straight NBA finals appearance. It looks like The King won’t be getting dethroned any time soon.

2. Brodie (Russell Westbrook): One of the most creative and meaningless names in the league, Russell Westbrook’s triple double heroics has led to a killer instinct like few others have possessed in the history of the game. His self-proclaimed nickname personifies his personality, play on the court and unpredictable fashion style.

1. The Klaw (Kawhi Leonard): Leonard’s defense has propelled him to one of the best in the league, and his nickname tops the list because it has the best mixture of creativity while pointing out just how big his hands really are. The name perfectly sums up the reigning defensive player of the year’s game.

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