How the Spurs can still win the series

In Game One of the Western Conference on Sunday afternoon the world sat and watched as the Spurs let a 23 point lead in the second half slip away. Yes San Antonio was without Kawhi Leonard, but it was an impressive win for a Golden State team that was not on top of their game. Now with the Spurs trailing 1-0 with an injured Kawhi, some people may be ready to crown the Warriors Western Conference Champs. However, I believe I have created an easy four step plan that is a fool proof way for the Spurs to get to the finals (someone get Pop on the phone immediately).

1. Give Kawhi all the medicine

I’m not doctor, but I do know how painful an ankle injury can be. I once rolled my ankle in a little league game and thought they were going to have to amputate my leg. As obvious as it may sound, the Spurs cannot win this series without their emotionless leader. No disrespect to Aldridge, Danny Green and company, but the team is completely different without Kawhi on the floor.  I don’t care what it takes, but San Antonio needs to get Leonard out on the floor as soon as possible or the Spurs could be golfing very shortly.

2. Find out what Manu’s diet plan is

Speaking of getting healthy, the Spurs should all get on the Manu Ginobili diet plan. Starting with his overtime block of James Harden, the 39 year old seems to have found the fountain of youth. I’m not saying he has been insane but in Game One he shot 7-10 from the field while scoring 17 points. That’s a pretty impressive performance from someone who is old enough to be my dad. Someone check what’s in Ginobili’s water cups during the timeout, and then make sure the rest of the team gets some of it too.

3. Get Draymond angry

We can spend all day arguing who is the most valuable player to the Warriors, but if I had a vote it would go to Draymond Green. He can guard any position on the floor and do it all on offense. Most importantly, he gives the Warriors their edge. Without him the intensity level would surely drop down. However, that intensity has created some problems for Green who does have a little temperament problem. We saw him pick up a technical foul in Game One and a few more could lead to an ejection or suspension. Without Green on the court things could be different. I’m not saying the Warriors can’t win without him but his absence would be a problem. It’s gonna be a challenge, but maybe a few “your mom” jokes here and there get Green a little angry and force him to ride the bench. At this point Spurs, it’s worth a shot.

4. Pray

Gregg Popovich said it the best, when trying to stop Golden State sometimes the only thing you can do is pray. The Spurs may not get another game where the Warriors are sloppy with the ball. If everything is clicking for them the Spurs may need a little help from the man upstairs to pick up a win.

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